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New buzz words in IT seem to focus around the gathering storm in the clouds of Containers, driven by the agile like Dev-Ops strategy. At ever conference I attended in 2016, there were many seminars about DevOps and its related technologies, or cyber security/InfoSec. So what do the cloud terms really mean?

  • DevOps;
  • Containers;
    • Wikipedia; Operating-system-level virtualization is a server virtualization method in which the kernel of an operating system allows the existence of multiple isolated user-space instances, instead of just one. Such instances, which are sometimes called containerssoftware containers,[1] virtualization engines (VEs) or jails (FreeBSD jail or chroot jail), may look and feel like a real server from the point of view of its owners and users.
    • Basically, this is oldschool hosting proder class Virtualization before bare metal hypervisors like VMware that created "containers" that housed the entire operating system

Short story; this is Evolutionary software delivery with an operation strategy using virtualization technologies optimized for rapid deployment of application environments (primarily web based). DevOps, combined with Containers allows software to be rapidly rolled out (and rolled back) and scaled.


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