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As the Mayan calendar comes to an end so too does the traditional MSP. With a variety of cloud services offered now the traditional MSP would be wasting their time and their client’s money. This will be a series of posts this year where we will breakdown the many benefits for MSP’s to place their clients in the cloud. The benefits will be twofold. One, it will save your clients money and two it will save the MSP time.

Generally speaking most clients have a narrow set of needs, data backup and recovery, antivirus/spam, file sharing and e-mail. All these services can be delivered using a cloud based initiative. While the cloud may not be for every business there are certainly services that every client can use that is cloud based. A carefully constructed argument can be made to at least get your client started in the cloud. For the MSP it’s simple, with the ease of use of cloud based portals you can save money and time by not having to be on premise to troubleshoot your client’s network. This also benefits your client because your response time on support tickets is increased.

Office 365

Microsoft’s Cloud based Office product solution. Starting at $20/month for the E3 plan is easily one of the best buys for your clients. See how it works and sign up for a Free Trial

Managed Online Backup & Recovery

Why spend time on location backing up your clients data. Save time and money by doing things automagically and remotely.

Hosted Antivirus/Spam

Run all your clients antivirus/spam where form an easy Cloud Portal. Again this saves you time and money.

Hosted E-Mail

With an increasingly mobile workforce it make no sense to host an Exchange Server on Premise..

Cloud Management Tools 

You have you clients in the cloud, now what? With Cloud Management tools from VMware managing your client’s infrastructure in a snap.

Cloud Migration

So your customer is already in the cloud and looking to move. Take your client from their current environment to your environment. With multiple solutions available you can take your client to any cloud they want.

Custom/Private Saas 

Most companies have proprietary applications to run their operation. Most, not all, of their applications can run in the cloud safely and securely. With the prices of virtualzation falling and a higher availability of Private Cloud Infrastructures selling a piece of hardware can be difficult.

BYOD Management Services 

In today’s business BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is the craze! But what to do if an employee is terminated? Protect your client’s critical data from a disgruntled former employee.


With cloud based monitoring tools know when there is an issue with your client’s network before they do. With 24/7 monitoring and alerts your clients can rest easy that you have it under control.

Web Hosting 

Nearly every business can benefit from a website. With datacenter redundancy insure that your client’s host never goes down with cloud diversification.

So these are some of the topics we will be covering this year but, if you can’t wait to hear more give us at Vigilant Technologies a call and get started today. 


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