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In a world full of risk, cloud computing helps you keep your business up and running. The more hardware you own and manage, the more failures you need to work around or fix. And a single datacenter or regional disaster can compromise your entire business. As online thieves and hackers turn their attention from enterprise targets to businesses like yours, keeping a datacenter secure and protected is a full-time job, and a distraction you don’t need. But the costs of failure are too high to ignore.

Vcloud offers simplified catalogs, and integrated network management tools. IT administrators can use the web based GUI to;

  •          Deploy Application servers from custom catalogs and global catalogs

  •          Configure site to site VPN’s

  •          Publish services

In the Vigilant Micro Cloud framework users can deploy

  •          Virtual Desktops

  •          Vmware Orchestrator tools

  •          Scripting tools

  •          Cloud management solutions

  •          Back-up technologies

  •          Recovery environments

Vigilant’s vCloud Services use VMware vShield to secure networks and applications even when typical hardware-based firewalls can’t detect intrusions. And because our vCloud services secure Hypervisor, Network, and Application levels, your security covers your infrastructure top-to-bottom. VMware vShield helps secure the networks perimeter, the information crossing it, and its endpoints.

Business continuity - Your company can build a cloud-based business continuity solution that fits your corporate requirements and budget. When a hardware or OS problem is detected, VMs and workloads can be moved quickly without disruption or performance degradation.

Security and data protection – Vmware builds network security and firewall protection into vCloud infrastructure, with simplified integration f third party security products to meet even highly specialized requirements.

The economies of cloud computing are powerful. The first great wave of virtualization driven consolidation transformed the cost structure of the world’s major datacenters and opened the door to moving applications and resources entirely off-premise for even further cost reductions. That story continues today, as cloud computing reduces on-premise server count to a manageable minimum, using cloud resources and services available on demand through efficient, secure private and public clouds.

Now this technology, with all its business benefits, is available scaled for your business through Vigilant’s vCloud Services. Virtualization and cloud benefits such as scalability, security and data protection may have eclipsed cost advantages for global multinationals, but small and midsize businesses can never lose sight of the bottom line. For any ambitious but cash-strapped business, secure, reliable cloud services deliver immediate and permanent reductions in IT costs:

Operating expense – Consolidating infrastructure off-premise reduces server and storage facilities, maintenance, power, and cooling costs and frees assets and budgets for more productive use.


Management costs – Freed from low-value hardware management, IT professionals can focus on strategic initiatives that add business value.

Economies of scale – We buy facilities and equipment on a scale most companies can’t match.

Your business exists to support customers and make a profit. Cloud Computing makes sense in the long run because it reduces costs, optimizes use of your current infrastructure, keeps your business online and your data secure, and directly supports your business goals. But startup time and expenses are important, too. Vigilant vCloud Services minimize these upfront investments so you can start seeing real improvement right away.

Many companies find that moving their test and development platforms and back-up storage to the cloud is a good place to start.  Others start by using the cloud when they need extra compute capacity to handle seasonal demand spikes or limited-term initiatives. Once the availability, security, and cost advantages of the cloud are apparent, other business applications follow until the cloud becomes an integral and natural extension of their own IT infrastructure.

Vigilant’s vCloud Services extends the logical boundaries of your datacenter, using fully compatible services to add capacity and capabilities. Unlike commodity public clouds that require you to rewrite applications for cloud computing, millions of applications that run on VMware also run without modification on Vigilant’s vCloud Services giving you the flexibility to run applications wherever it makes the most sense for your business.

The cloud is ready – thousands of businesses like yours are using cloud computing to deliver agile, secure services on demand to internal customers without the cost, delay, and risk of reconfiguring their computing environment.

Your cloud is waiting – Take the next step. Contact Vigilant to plan your move.


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